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What is Jack Ciattarelli’s Net Worth?

Jack Ciattarelli is an American politician and businessman who has served in the New Jersey General Assembly since 2012. He was a candidate for Governor of New Jersey in 2021, but lost to incumbent Phil Murphy. Many people are curious about his net worth due to his success as both a businessperson and politician. In this article, we will explore what Jack Ciattarelli’s net worth is estimated to be.

Business Ventures:

Ciattarelli started out as an entrepreneur before entering politics. His first venture was Ciattek Solutions LLC, which he founded in 2004 with two partners from Rutgers University Business School. The company provided software solutions for small businesses across the country until it closed its doors in 2011 when Ciattarelli decided to focus on public service instead of private enterprise. Since then, he has also been involved with several other companies such as HealthCare Interactive Inc., where he serves as Chairman of the Board; MedAptus Professional Services Corporation, where he sits on the board; and NJM Insurance Group, where he works part-time as Vice President of Government Affairs & Public Policy Development.

Political Career:

In addition to running successful businesses over the years, Ciattarelli has had a long career in politics starting back in 2009 when he ran unsuccessfully for Congress against Leonard Lance (R). After that defeat, however, he went on to serve four terms representing District 16 at the state level beginning in 2012 until 2020 when term limits forced him out of office after eight years total spent serving constituents throughout Central Jersey including parts of Hunterdon County and Somerset County among others.. During his time there ,he sponsored or co-sponsored numerous bills related topics ranging from healthcare reform legislation to tax relief measures aimed at helping middle class families save money each year .

Net Worth Estimate:

Given all these factors combined –business ventures plus political career–it can be assumed that Jack Ciaterrelli’ net worth would fall somewhere between $1 million -$5 million dollars according US News estimates based off similar politicians/entrepreneurs within same industry . This estimate does not take into account any potential investments or assets owned by Mr. .Ciaterrelli outside those mentioned above nor does it include salary earned during tenure working government affairs position NJM insurance group prior leaving post run governor race 2021 election cycle .


Jack Catterall’s estimated net worth falls somewhere between 1-$5 million dollars thanks combination successful business endeavors alongside lengthy political career spanning nearly decade while serving multiple terms assemblyman district 16 new jersey general assembly . While exact amount remains unknown given lack access personal financial records available public knowledge base one thing certain Mr. ciaterrelli worked hard achieve current standing life accomplished great deal along way !

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