IPL 2023 Mini-Auction: The Complete Rundown of Players’ Fate

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is not just a cricket tournament; it’s a spectacle that captures the imagination of millions. The 2023 season’s mini-auction was no different, with franchises battling it out to secure the best talents for the 16th edition of the league. Here’s a comprehensive look at the players who made the cut and those who didn’t.

The Auction Dynamics

The Build-Up

The mini-auction for the IPL 2023 edition was highly anticipated, with teams looking to fill gaps and bolster their squads. The auction pool was a mix of seasoned veterans and exciting new talents, each hoping to attract lucrative bids from the franchises.

The Strategy

Teams came into the auction with clear strategies, targeting specific skill sets to complement their existing rosters. The focus was not just on star power but also on finding value-for-money players who could provide balance and depth.

Sold Players: The Big Winners

Several players found themselves in high demand, fetching impressive bids from franchises. Notable among them were Shakib-al-Hasan, who was snapped up by KKR for INR 1.5 crore, and Joe Root, who will don the RR jersey for INR 1 crore. These signings reflect the teams’ intent to blend experience with proven performance.

Unsold Players: The Surprising Snubs

The auction also saw its share of surprises, with some notable names failing to find any takers. This outcome is often a result of mismatched expectations or an abundance of similar skill sets in the auction pool. However, unsold players may still find a way back into the league as replacements for injured or unavailable players.


rajkotupdates The IPL 2023 mini-auction was a testament to the strategic intricacies that go into building a T20 squad. While some players hit the jackpot, others were left in the lurch, underscoring the unpredictable nature of the auction process. As the teams gear up for the upcoming season, the selections made during the auction will play a pivotal role in their quest for glory.


Q: How are players selected for the auction? Players register for the auction, and the IPL governing body, along with the franchises, finalizes the list of players to be auctioned based on various criteria.

Q: Can unsold players still play in the IPL? Yes, unsold players can be picked as replacements if a team needs to fill a spot due to injury or other reasons.

Q: What happens to the money bid for sold players? A: The bid amount is the player’s salary for the season, which is paid by the franchise that wins the bid.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the number of foreign players in a team? A: Yes, there’s a limit to the number of foreign players a team can have in their squad and playing XI.

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