Building Lego Big Ben

Lego is a popular building toy that has been around for decades. One of the most iconic structures made from Lego bricks is Big Ben in London, England. In this article, we will explore how to build your own version of Lego Big Ben and the benefits it brings.

Steps to Building Your Own Lego Big Ben:

– Gather Materials: You will need several different types of Legos such as 2×2 blocks, 1×1 plates, minifigures (optional), and any other pieces you want to use. It’s also helpful if you have an instruction manual or online guide available so you can follow along with each step easily.

 – Build Base Structure: Start by constructing the base structure using larger blocks like 2x2s and 1×1 plates. This should include four walls that form a square shape with two towers on either side connected by arches at the top. Make sure all connections are secure before moving onto the next step!

 – Add Details & Finishing Touches: Once your basic structure is complete, start adding details like windows, doors, flags etc., as well as finishing touches like landscaping elements such as trees or shrubs around the outside perimeter of your model. Don’t forget to add some minifigures too!

The Benefits Of Building A LEGO Model Of Big Ben:

– Improved Creativity & Problem Solving Skills : Building something out of Legos requires creativity and problem solving skills which can help improve these abilities over time when done regularly . Plus , it’s just plain fun

– Increased Knowledge About Architecture : By studying pictures or diagrams about real life buildings while creating their own models , children learn more about architecture than they would otherwise . They gain insight into what goes into making up a large scale structure such as Big Ben .

– Sense Of Accomplishment : Completing a project gives kids (and adults!) a sense of accomplishment that encourages them to keep going even after difficult tasks arise during construction . Seeing their final product come together makes them feel proud knowing they created something amazing from scratch !


Creating your own version of Lego Big Ben provides many educational benefits for both children and adults alike including improved creativity , problem solving skills , increased knowledge about architecture , and a sense of accomplishment upon completion . With patience and dedication anyone can create their very own masterpiece !

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