General Hospital Spoilers: What to Expect from Sonny Corinthos

Sonny Corinthos is a beloved character on the long-running soap opera General Hospital. He has been involved in many dramatic storylines over the years, and fans are always eager to find out what he will do next. In this article, we will explore some of the upcoming spoilers for Sonny’s storyline so that viewers can get an idea of what they can expect from him in the future.

What We Know So Far:

So far, it appears as though Sonny is going through a difficult time with his family life. His relationship with Carly seems strained, and there have been rumors about them potentially getting divorced. Additionally, his son Michael has recently returned home after being away for several months due to legal issues related to mob activity. It remains unclear how these events will affect their dynamic moving forward or if any other characters may be brought into play as well.

Potential Storylines Ahead:

 – A New Love Interest?
There have been hints that Sonny might start looking elsewhere for love if things don’t work out between him and Carly. This could lead to interesting developments involving new characters who enter his orbit and create tension within both families.

 – More Mob Activity?
As one of Port Charles’ most notorious crime bosses, it’s likely that more mob drama is ahead for Sonny in upcoming episodes of General Hospital . Whether he’ll continue working alongside Jason Morgan or go solo remains unknown at this point but either way should make for exciting viewing!

 – Family Reunions?
With Michael back home now, perhaps there will be opportunities for reconciliation between father and son as well as between all members of the Corinthos clan (including Kristina). How each person deals with their respective issues could provide plenty of material for further exploration down the line!


There are sure to be lots of twists and turns ahead when it comes to Sonny’s story arc on General Hospital . Fans won’t want miss any updates regarding potential new love interests ,mob activities ,and reunions among family members !

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